‘Every successful business has its own peculiarity and our USP is framed around acceptance
of challenging jobs and fulfilling them with total dedication.’

Our well trained and experienced staff ensures innovative solutions for wide range of complex projects. From designing and construction, to installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance support, our team always remains enthusiastic to provide tailored Electrical, Instrumental and Communication services to meet operational requirements.

The DNA and backbone of TECHNO QUEST was established in the heavy industrial, utility and power generation sector.
TECHNO QUEST’s suite of Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning services to industrial sector comprises of:
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation works
  • SITC of Transformers
  • SITC of Switchyards Up to 220kv
  • Underground Cabling Up to 132kv
  • Installation of switch rooms and MCC,PCC, Control and Belay, VCB,UPS and Battery
  • Lighting System (Indoor and Outdoor of the Plant)
  • Assembly of modular units and skids
  • Lightening Protection
  • Surge / Over voltage protection
TECHNO QUEST also offers maintenance, modifications and operation support services Including:
  • Sustaining Capital Projects
  • Asset remediation works
  • Brownfield ties-ins
  • Shutdown planning and execution
  • Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Completions
  • Telecommunications and fiber projects
  • Skill and Unskilled Man power supply

Electricity can transform people’s lives not
just economically but also socially.